I am the owner of Red Bird Studios, producing flame worked art glass beads. In 2009, I took a lamp working class with Ania Kyte of Turtle Beads in Mission, BC, and my desire to “create a million beads” was born. I spend a minimum of 20 hours per week making delightful glass beads, building my technique, experimenting with combining colours and simply loving the feel of working with molten glass. I have also worked with Stained Glass techniques prior to developing my great passion for lampworking.

I’m a current member of the Pacific Pyros Glass Beadmakers and have worked closely with lampworker and jewelry designer Alicia Champ of Hip Navy Beads, have studied Fine Arts at the University of Saskatchewan and worked at the Banff Centre School of Fine Art, and The Walter Phillips Gallery in Banff, Alberta

Helen Fields
hfieldsspadina@hotmail.com (user appears as Molly Lab)


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